We are highly skilled experts when it comes to colour schemes for both the exterior and interior of your home. If you are simply looking to add some extra appeal to your existing colour palette or if you are deciding to start from scratch; we can save you money and wasted time spent agonising over endless product and paint samples.

We will collaborate in the creation of a master colour board, which will take into account every aspect and surface of your home.

This will include not only the painted surfaces, but we will be able to co-ordinate the colour schemes for furniture, soft furnishings, and accessories for both the interior and exterior.

For example, we may simply re-paint the exterior trims and doors to add depth to your existing paintwork. We will also look at adding splashes of accent colour to your outdoor soft furnishings or place distinctive pieces of pottery on your deck, or around your garden to add a complementary aesthetic appeal. It is truly amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to transform the exterior of your home.

This is also true for the interior. We will ensure that the inside of your home is an extension of the exterior and vice versa. Our strengths lie in our ability to create distinct textures and patterns by not only the appropriate selection of paint for the walls but also the careful attention we pay to the colours of your window treatments, flooring, fabric, upholstery, and soft furnishings.

Together we will collaborate to:

  • Ensure the interior and exterior colour schemes blend in a way that makes your outdoor living areas an extension of your interior
  • Create a master colour board for the interior and/or exterior paint colours, finishes, and accessories
  • Optimise the value of your home by emphasising its exterior curb appeal while taking into consideration the architectural aspect of its design
  • Revamp neutral, uninspiring interior areas
  • Co-ordinate all interior colour schemes for the living spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens
  • Co-ordinate all exterior colour schemes for the exterior areas including the hard surfaces, joinery, stain, paint, and roof

Pablo Picasso said, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Here at H[O]ME, we could not agree more. Let us help you colour your home with your individual personality in mind.