Here at H[O]ME, we have developed long-standing relationships with suppliers who not only provide superior products but also offer us exceptional prices.

This enables us to save you money on a wide variety of items like new furniture, soft furnishings, artwork, and accessories (to name a few).

People are often surprised at the amount of decisions to be made when undertaking a renovation, regardless of size. This combined with the added stress of time constraints and deadlines can be overwhelming. We can ease the burden by listening carefully to your ideas and helping to narrow down the choices. As an added bonus, we can also source products that are not yet available in stores.

Listed below is a broad overview of the types of products we can source for you:

  • Distinctive, Extraordinary Pieces of Furniture
  • Custom-Built or Reupholstered Furniture
  • Window Treatments: Curtains, Blinds, Shutters
  • Flooring Finishes: Carpet, Tiles, Wood, Cork, Concrete
  • Lighting & Heating
  • Wall-Coverings
  • Mirrors & Artwork
  • Soft Furnishing: Rugs & Cushions
  • Soft Furnishing with Unique Textures & Patterns
  • A Multitude of Accessories

Once we have carefully selected the products that you feel appeals to your personal sense of style, we will oversee the ordering and delivery process. We will also coordinate the various tradespeople required to make your vision a reality.